Just few Steps walking distance of Sultanahmet Square, no need to any vehicle

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Great Location Just Few Steps Walking Distance to Sultanahmet Square

In the center of Istanbul Old City

Travel Quide
- Basilica Cistern
- Blue Mosque
- Bosphorus
- Galata Tower
- Eminonu Square
- Grand Baazar
- Hagia Sophia
- Hipodrome
- Suleymaniye Mosque
- Topkapi Palace
- Little Hagia Sophia
- Spice Bazaar


In heart of old city, in front of the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia.
After the Emperor Septimius Severus rebuilt the city and expanded its walls, endowing it with a hippodrome, an arena for chariot races and other entertainment, in AD 324, the Emperor Constantine the Great decided to move the seat of the government from Rome to Byzantium, which he renamed Nova Roma (New Rome). This name failed to impress and the city soon became to be known as Constantinople, meaning the City of Constantine. Constantine greatly enlarged the city, and one of his major undertakings was the renovation of the Hippodrome. It is estimated that the Hippodrome of Constantine was about 450 m (1,476 ft) long and 130 m (427 ft) wide. Its stands were capable of holding 100,000 spectators.

Throughout the Byzantine period, the Hippodrome was the centre of the city's social life. Huge amounts were bet on chariot races, and initially four teams took part in these races, each one financially sponsored and supported by a different political party.

During Ottoman era, the Hippodrome was used for various occasions such as the lavish and days-long circumcision ceremonies and other events and celebrations.

Today it is heart of the historical center of city with three original monuments left from the original Hippodrome such as the Egyptian(Obelisk of Theodosius), the Serpentine Column and Bronze Column (Constantine Column)

Practical Information
* Couple of meters away from Sultanahmet (Blue Mosque) tram stop.
*Open air area without an entrance and the fee